The Distributed Open Marketplace for Europe (DOME) Project will be a single point of access in Europe for trusted Cloud and Edge services across different domains.

“We have a vision for the project that involves creating an ecosystem that unites all stakeholders of Cloud & Edge services, including infrastructure and platform providers, services integrators, certification agencies, and customers from every sector. Our aim is to simplify current practices and offer a continuum of bundled services that cross national boundaries. Join us in our pursuit towards innovation and transformation with this project.”

Giovanni Frattini

Project Coordinator

Project Aims

The aim of the project is to support businesses and public organisations digital transformation
making available a catalogue of cloud-to-edge offerings in Europe.


Different stakeholders will benefit from the project catalogue of cloud and edge services in different ways.

Consortium Partners

Representing all possible roles in the value chain of a cloud marketplace.

Affiliated Entities

Additional organisations with complementary expertise.