DOME Federated Marketplace at the 3rd EU Alliance for Data, Cloud & Edge Meeting

Jan 10, 2024 | News

Approaching benefits both the industry and the public sector during the Alliance for Data, Cloud and Edge meeting

DOME was granted the great opportunity to showcase the use of the federated marketplaces shared catalogue to the members of the European Alliance for Industrial Data, Cloud & Edge. At the occasion of the 3rd General Assembly meeting, which took place in Brussels the 14th of December 2023, a delegation of 3 partners of the DOME project (FIWARE Foundation, Engineering and European Dynamics) were invited to participate in different sessions of the event to present and promote the benefits of the DOME approach for European stakeholders.

The first presentation was delivered to the Cloud-Edge Working Group. The interest raised called up for the organisation of a dedicated meeting to provide answers to questions and discuss potential collaborations. The second presentation was made to the Member State public authorities representatives.

Both presentations included a short demonstration of how the marketplace portal allows for marketplace operators to federate, how cloud service providers can register their offerings, providing quality and compliance certificates that can be trusted and how customers can browse through the catalogue to find and purchase the combination of services that match their needs.

Picture of the screen at Alliance for data cloud and edge, where DOME architecture was projected

Presentation of DOME architecture to the Member State session at the European Alliance for Data, Cloud and Edge.​.

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