DOME Cloud & Edge Marketplace presented to AI-on-Demand

Sep 27, 2023 | News

Sharing the details of DOME approach and benefits with stakeholders of the AI on Demand initiative

It is with great interest that DOME participated in the AIoD Technical Contributors Board (TCB) to share an overview of DOME technical aspects and potential interconnection points with the AIoD initiative. DOME’s three main distinctive features were presented:

  1. Alignment with the conceptualisation study on the European cloud marketplace, while relying on the powerful concepts of federation and decentralisation.
  2. Adoption of open standards related to the verification of credentials, blockchain services, decentralised identity and access management, data publication, etc.
  3. Vision integrated in the first results of the Technology Converge discussions under the umbrella of the Data Spaces Business Alliance (DSBA) created by BDVA, FIWARE Foundation, Gaia-X, and IDSA

Potential connection with the AI on Demand initiative

  • AI services are the kind of services that can be made visible through DOME Marketplace and this way, reach more potential customers.
  • Some providers may also offer data services through the DOME Marketplace that may be useful for AI services.
  • AI frameworks based on AI on Demand standards can be extended with marketplaces that are implemented as DOME federated marketplaces, allowing providers to better reach their end customers.
  • Incorporating concepts around the definition of Verifiable Credentials for fair AI may be explored.

What’s next?

Both AIoD and DOME Marketplace communities are eager to follow-up on this meeting and benefit from each other to leverage the uptake of cloud, edge and artificial intelligence on a European level..

Graphical representation of the shared catalogue

DOME aims at the deployment of a Federated Marketplace Ecosystem that features a single shared catalogue allowing multiple marketplaces and distributed services to be profiled and procured.

Interested in knowing more about DOME and AIoD?

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