DOME Cloud-to-Edge federated marketplace represented at the TechBBQ

Nov 15, 2023 | News

Excellent setting to raise awareness among groundbreaking startups

DOME was presented at TechBBQ 2023 (13-14 September)  as one project in which a partner of the consortium, FundingBox, is involved. The event is an excellent setting to meet innovative and groundbreaking startups, discuss tech trends, network and get inspired.

As a result, DOME is studying the option of joining next year’s issue of the TechBBQ, as an opportunity to get visibility next to giants, such as Google Cloud, AWS, MSFT Azure, etc. 

It could be the occasion to make a  presentation about how to join the federated Cloud & Edge marketplace. Alternatively  or having a big space with all DOME federated  marketplace ecosystem Cloud Providers. It is also an opportunity to target start-ups and raise awareness about the benefits of promoting their cloud & edge related services on a pan-european marketplace.

DOME logo featured at the TechBBQ 2023

DOME logo featured at the TechBBQ 2023.

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