DOME Marketplace: Contributing to Europe’s Digital Network Leadership

Mar 5, 2024 | News

Contributing to Europe’s Digital Network Leadership

The European Commission’s recent emphasis on a future-oriented digital network infrastructure resonates strongly with the mission of DOME Marketplace. As a federated marketplace for cloud and edge services across Europe, DOME actively contributes to several key aspects highlighted in the Commission’s vision:

  • Investing in research and technology deployment: DOME facilitates the adoption and commercialization of innovative edge and cloud solutions by connecting businesses with a diverse range of service providers. This fosters a dynamic ecosystem that drives continuous development and deployment of cutting-edge technologies.
  • Creating a level playing field: DOME operates on a neutral and open platform, providing equal opportunities for all service providers to showcase their offerings. This aligns with the Commission’s goal of creating a competitive and fair digital market that stimulates innovation and benefits European businesses and citizens.
  • Protecting digital network infrastructure: DOME fosters a secure and trusted environment for transactions between service providers and users. By promoting transparency and accountability within the marketplace, DOME contributes to building a resilient and secure digital infrastructure for Europe.
Picture with EU flags in front of European commission buildings

Keynote speech by Commissioner Breton at the Mobile World Congress – Changing the DNA of our connectivity infrastructure

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