DOME’s Second Project Plenary Meeting held virtually

Jul 21, 2023 | News

DOME project holds its 2nd Plenary Meeting virtually

A packed agenda made it possible for all DOME task leaders to present the progress of the different project activities. This allows all participants in the project to get an updated picture of what has been achieved and discover the interconnections between tasks. The morning session was dedicated to management, marketing and governance topics, while the afternoon focused on the technical, allowing working groups to share not only the status of the work, but also highlight criticalities and attention points. Q&A time slots made it possible for discussions to take place, as well as the exchange of ideas and solutions.

Overall, the project is on time according to plan and meeting the established milestones, although several activities will have to be carried out over the summer for the release of deliverables end of September.

Keep looking at the project NEWS on the website to stay updated!

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