DOME marketplace’s Trust & Transparency and EC New Digital Services database

Jan 30, 2024 | News

DOME’s Response to the Digital Services Act (DSA)

The EC has launched a new database to monitor the terms and conditions of digital services, reinforcing transparency requirements outlined in the Digital Services Act (DSA). This development introduces unprecedented accountability for online platforms, positively influencing DOME Marketplace’s dedication to trust and transparency..

The Digital Services Terms and Conditions Database, initiated by the European Commission, consolidates terms and conditions of digital services with a focus on platforms such as social media and marketplaces.

Aligned with the Digital Services Act (DSA), it promotes transparency, requiring platforms to provide understandable summaries. Serving as a central resource for users, regulators, and stakeholders, it facilitates the monitoring of the digital landscape and ensures legal compliance.

Developed with open-source software, the database currently holds 790 terms and conditions, providing real-time insights through automated scrutiny. The DSA introduces increased accountability by disclosing user metrics, publishing reports, and establishing transparency mechanisms for online platforms.

In alignment with EU market legislation, DOME Marketplace will ensure its reputation by prioritising transparency and accountability in line with the Digital Services Act.

Picture with EU flags in front of European commission buildings

Photo by Guillaume Périgois on Unsplash ​.

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