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Jul 4, 2024 | Press Release, News

Distribute Open Marketplace Ecosystem for cloud, edge & AI services is being launched.

Introducing YUMKET Marketplace! The European initiative known as the Distributed Open Marketplace Europe (DOME) Project has launched the first version of its Cloud and Edge services Marketplace on July 4. YUMKET Marketplace is a comprehensive online catalog that brings together cloud and edge offerings from various independent marketplaces of trusted European providers.

Starting Thursday, July 4, 2024, YUMKET will be open for providers of cloud and edge services to register and begin publishing their products in the catalog. Customers will have access to an initial range of services that will be continuously updated with new offerings over the coming weeks.

One notable feature of YUMKET Marketplace is its use of verifiable credentials to ensure that only trusted services are published following EU regulations. This standardized verification process provides customers with the trust and assurance expected from a European Digital Trust.

Among its benefits, YUMKET Marketplace offers several advantages to users:

  • Provides trusted and standardized access to service providers’ offers, matching customers’ demands.
  • Ensures verified and comparable qualifications across services and products. 
  • Facilitates simple and transparent transactions and service management.

YUMKET Marketplace: A central piece of Europe’s Digital future.

DOME Project’s marketplace (YUMKET) is aligned with Europe’s vision of a digital future powered by cloud computing. This initiative is part of the European Commission’s strategy to co-invest with Member States in the development of new digital infrastructures, as well as to improve existing capabilities at both national and EU level. The goal is to provide European companies and public organizations with the data processing capabilities necessary for digital transformation.

In this context, YUMKET Marketplace has been designed to offer a better and greater availability of trusted cloud and edge services, focusing on increasing the adoption of these services among public and private entities, particularly in sectors that handle sensitive data, and who may be lagging behind in cloud adoption. This federated Marketplace is a fundamental part of the EU’s objective to strengthen open strategic digital autonomy and boost Europe’s digital future.

Screenshot of YUMKET Marketplace

Preview of the Marketplace landing page

Discover all the advantages that YUMKET Marketplace has to offer!

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