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Giuseppe Cafiso from Eng D.HUB, Project Coordinator

A trustable and federated brokerage platform for cloud & edge in short

by Giuseppe Cafiso from Eng D.HUB, Project Coordinator

Leonardo Camiciotti from TOP-IX

Transforming a fragmented cloud & edge market into a single one

by Leonardo Camiciotti from TOP-IX

Giuseppe Cafiso from Eng D.HUB, Project Coordinator
A digital enabler for the IT market
by Giuseppe Cafiso from Eng D.HUB, Project Coordinator
Leonardo Camiciotti from TOP-IX
Enabling matchmaking between demand and supply in the cloud & edge services
by Leonardo Camiciotti from TOP-IX

How it works

Demonstration guide

How does the project work from both the customer’s and the provider’s perspectives?

Introductory webinar

Introduction to the benefits of registering services on DOME project’s marketplace: YUMKET.

DOME Marketplace (YUMKET) Guidelines

User Guidelines

Guidelines for Exploring the Marketplace

Manual Certification Guideline

Guidelines for the Certification Process

Onboarding Guidelines

Guidelines for Service Providers to get started

Useful resources

Project Brochure

What is the project Federated Marketplace Ecosystem?

Value Proposition

Cloud & Edge services that you can trust, all in one single place.

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DOME Branding Guideline

Project Brand Guide

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Project Factsheet

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DOME PROJECT Deliverables

D2.1 DOME Requirements

This deliverable describes the project context, the stakeholders’ main categories, and their expectations. Derived from the consolidation of stakeholder requirements, and in alignment with DOME’s strategic objectives, it presents the main operational processes taking place in the DOME platform, at a business level. The logical features of the DOME platform are summarised, and the operational processes are broken down into more tangible features that the platform needs to address. The conclusion summarises the requirements to be validated in follow-up actions.

Download Requirements (PDF)

D3.1 DOME Reference Architecture and Specifications

This document describes the Reference Architecture and Detailed Technical Specifications of the DOME components, including different roles of users, the overall technical approach and the user journeys. It presents the DOME Trust and IAM Framework and the DOME Marketplace Persistence Layer. DOME marketplace features are described, including the design of the processes involved in a federated procurement scenario and the high-level architecture of the various subsystems delivering such features.

Download Reference Architecture and Specifications (PDF)

D3.2 DOME Technical Infrastructure

DOME includes all the functionalities of a marketplace itself, including a marketplace portal through which cloud/edge service providers may publish their offerings and end customers can procure their products. To materialise such envisioned federation and central marketplace, the overall design of the DOME environment focuses on three major subsystems: a) the Trust and IAM framework; b) a Decentralised Persistence Layer and transactional data; c) the DOME central marketplace as a reference implementation of a federated marketplace.

Download Technical Infrastructure (PDF)


Standardised APIs are necessary to integrate the federated marketplaces with the DOME infrastructure. Providers of such marketplaces need to connect with the decentralised persistence layer through unique access nodes. These access nodes are linked to the blockchain and provide the DOME APIs for connection by the marketplaces. These DOME APIs rely on the TMForum APIs and allow to create and manage various types of entities and their lifecycle at the DOME Marketplace. This document describes the architecture of the persistence layer and the access nodes, as well as the different data flows and the different TMForum entity types.

Download APIs (PDF)