The European Commission supports the European Cloud with DOME project

Aug 9, 2023 | News

DOME’s EC Project Officer featured at OUTSCALE’s annual Cloud Days event

Last June, during their annual Cloud Days event, OUTSCALE (a partner of the DOME project) carried out an impactful communication action. The agenda included a video featuring Tomas Petru, PRepresentative of the European Commission’s DG CNECT and DOME’s Project Officer. The video was played during the opening plenary session and was very much appreciated by the audience. Petru’s presentation focused on how the European Commission supports the European Cloud with DOME project, which aims at reducing Europe’s dependence on foreign Cloud service providers by promoting the development of a sovereign and competitive European infrastructure.

After the event, OUTSCALE prepared a summarising post published on their blog site. An interesting overview of the 3 main components of the future DOME marketplace!

Screenshot of the Outscale blog site with a picture of DOME project Officer on EC background

Tomas Petru, DOME’s EC Project Officer featured at the OUTSCALE Cloud Days 2023

Interested in watching the 5’ video and getting access to the blog?

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